Kaguya-sama Love is War: Chika Dance enchants 20 million users, says the voice actress

Kaguya-sama: Love si War 2 has exceeded all expectations and, thanks to the great popularity of the anime, is certainly due to the extraordinary success of the anime Chika dance, the final theme of the guys from A-1 pictures in episode 3 of season one. Today, The secretary's ballet has reached 20 million views on YouTube.

In particular the success of the Chika dance It is mainly due to the great care of the animations created frame by frame by a handful of talented animators from the studio. The song, specially created by the staff and not published in the manga, then contributed to the growth of the phenomenon that has inspired in the past year and a half Hundreds of covers and parodies. Last February, the expansion even won a Crunchyroll Anime Award.

Konomi KoharaChika's young voice actress celebrated the event with a message on her Instagram profile: "We have exceeded 20 million views on YouTube! I am happy that so many people love Chika and even happier that I got the opportunity to play it! I will continue to do my best with this character, thank you very much!".

The actress' last sentence seems to predict the possible arrival of season three of the anime, which has been chatted for a few months but is still unofficial. However, considering the numbers recorded by Kaguya-sama: love is war 2, the confirmation seems to be a mere formality.

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