Written and illustrated on the official manga page by Katsuwo, Mitsuboshi colorsThe cover of the eighth and final compilation volume released in Japan on August 27 has been revealed.

Katsuwo started publishing the manga in the magazine Monthly comic Dengeki Daioh from the publisher Kadokawa completed in 2014 and June 27th. The publisher published the seventh volume in October 2019.

The piece inspired an anime adaptation released in January 2018 with twelve episodes produced by the studios. Silver link Directed by Tomoyuki Kawamura and scripts from Shougo Yasukawa

Katsuwo He is also the author of the manga Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsuthat inspired an anime adaptation with twelve episodes released in April 2019.

Synopsis of the Mitsuboshi colors

This world has many problems, but after growing up, adults don't have time to solve them! Boys, on the other hand, have a lot of energy and time for it. For this reason, Yui, Sat-chan and Kotoha, three main girls living in Ueno, founded the group "COLORS", a secret organization that protects their people from any real or imaginary threat that attracts their attention.

© カ ツ ヲ (著) / KADOKAWA


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