In the first issue of the magazine 2021 Monthly comic alive from the publisher Kadokawa, the final chapter of the manga adaptation of the light novels by Yomi Hirasaka and illustrated by Buriki, Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai ((Haganai: I don't have a lot of friends), responsible for Itachi.

Hirasaka and Buriki published the light novels through the publisher's label MF Bunko J. from the publisher Media factory between August 2009 and August 2015 with a total of eleven volumes. On the other hand, Itachi published the manga adaptation through the magazine since March 2010 Monthly comic alive from the publisher Kadokawa. The publisher published the 18th compiled volume in October 2019.

The literary franchise inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by the studios. AIC build, Headed by Hisashi saitou and scripts from Tatsuhiko Urahata, released October 2011. A second season of twelve episodes premiered in January 2013.

Synopsis of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Newly transferred student Hasegawa Kodaka is pitifully useless when it comes to making friends. Kodaka has naturally blonde hair that she inherited from her late mother, but she also has a penetrating and uncomfortable look. When he meets the cheeky Mikazuki Yozora, who usually chats with his imaginary friend, the two outsiders become friends despite all odds.

When the two refused that they had no hope of a normal social life, they decided to start a group called β€œClub de Vecinos” to make friends and even learn about social skills. Fortunately, five members join the club and are even more socially awkward than they are. Will these quirky outsiders be able to make friends or are they doomed to social failure?

Source: ANN

Β© い た け (θ‘—), εΉ³ 坂 εŽŸθ‘— (εŽŸθ‘—), γƒ– γƒͺ デ (デ γ‚Ά γ‚€ ン) / KADOKAWA


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