After conquering the Pokémon League of the Alola region, Ash Ketchum plunged headlong into a new and extraordinary adventure. In addition to travel companion Go, the iconic protagonist rises to the ranks of Pokémon World Cup, Tournament in which the best coaches take part.

Back in Alola, Go learns during Pokémon Exploration episode 76 that his friend is the Master of the region. Enthusiastic about the discovery, a detail that Ash accidentally left out, Go wonders if he can't use the extraordinary Z-Moves as well, and I realize that I've forgotten his instrument at home.

However, it appears that this event brought back Ash's memory, which he is now ready for Use the Z-Moves against his next ultra-class opponent, his old rival Volkner. In episode 77 of the anime, we will therefore see Ash taking advantage of Pikachu's Z-move, which will challenge the Sinnoh Gym Leader team.

The return of the Z-Moves implies that Ash may still have them Access to mega developments or even Dynamax. Should the fight against Conrad get tough, Ash could unleash his arsenal of special moves! We leave you to the comment of a voice actor from Pokémon Explorations, who suggests viewers not to miss the next dates.

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