That original Dragonball cover The books designed by Akira Toriyama in the 80's and 90's still form the front of the volumes of many editions of the series today. There are 42 originals to which could then be added the remakes for the kanzenban edition and other special editions.

In order to restore the shine to the original covers while paying homage to the series, Shueisha started the project a few years ago Dragon Ball Super gallery, where several famous Shueisha stable mangaka remake the original Dragon Ball covers in their own ways. Masashi Kishimoto's Dragon Ball was the first, while in the last few hours the image redrawn by another mangaka has been revealed.

This time the Dragon Ball cover art redesigned by Yusei Matsui. The author of Nogami Neuro, Assassination Classroom and The Elusive Samurai chose cover number 20 with Piccolo and Gohan staying in the same pose and scenario except they changed and were replaced by Korosensei. A very peculiar but not unique choice considering the design of other authors. Did you like this selection of Matsui manga or would you have preferred something else?

Meanwhile, do you know which are the most popular Dragon Ball covers by fans?

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