There is a new spring season anime that is fading away, taking important places in the schedules and on the network, although there are other, much more consolidated projects. The title is Spy x familythe anime based on Tatsuki Endo's manga of the same name, which focuses on a specific family that two countries can rely on.

In Japan there is the Spy x Family craze with ads everywhere, billboards, gadgets and merch and much more. He continues to make stellar numbers on TV, while highlighting himself on Crunchyroll with new episodes week in and week out. Online, Spy x Family maintains a strong presence with themed illustrations, all dedicated to the three members of the Forger family: father Loid, mother Yor, daughter Anya.

No honors are dedicated to the three, only pictured. There are many cosplayers who take on the role of spy, assassin or telepath to reach many Spy x Family style cosplay. What we present to you today was made by Luffy Lam, who however chose not to do it alone. Along with TBS and Kami, he presented one Spy x Family's Forger family cosplay is really perfectwith all trios of the protagonists gathered in a single successful photo.

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