After the final victory over Fu, the protagonists of Super Dragonball Heroes They immediately faced a new threat. The former Kaioshin of Time Aios has conquered Chronoa, gathering the best fighters of the universe and time to bend them to his plan. In this movie trailer you will find out what happens in the Ultra God Mission.

All the The franchise's strongest warriors were brought together by Aios and invited to participate in a team tournament. During the challenge, we witnessed legendary clashes and unthinkable transformations, as we are used to from Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

On May 12, the arcade video game of the same name launches the second mission based on the events of the second part of the anime series. Before the start, a wonderful one was shared on the net cinematic trailer which summarizes what happened during the episode.

In the promotional video we see the challenge between Super Saiyan 4 and Super Saiyan Blue from Super Dragon Ball Heroes, a battle that is repeated over and over again and warms the hearts of fans. But Goku and his parallel Xeno Goku They weren't the only Saiyans to challenge each other during the Aios tournament.

Turles challenged Raditzthe brother of Goku who transformed into Super Saiyan 3 in the Ultra God Mission. Finally, after a shocking discovery, Xeno Trunks lunged at a Warrior in Black from Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

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