Once again, All For One is back to destroy the society of heroes once and for all My Hero Academy and found his new world order based on fear. Confronting him and preventing him from carrying out his plan will be the heroes' number one aspiration. However, the symbol of fear already has a plan in mind.

In the heroes' plans before the battle, Deku would have to face Shigaraki The Todoroki family would take over Dabi and All For One instead. In My Hero Academia 351, the flames of two brothers face each other, and soon the number one will join the fight.

However, an accurate fan theory has been proven almost certain Defeat of Endeavor: The Flame Hero's will is destined to yield to All For One's dark plans. In fact, according to Reddit user Neutral Evil Bae, the Lord of the Villain already has in mind what needs to be done to get rid of his enemy.

Looking back at Season 3 of the anime adaptation, the fan noticed some resemblance between the Story of Tenko Shimura and that of Toya Todorokthat. During the battle of Kamino to fold All Might, All For One revealed the true identity of Tomura Shigaraki. This managed to temporarily bend, but not break, the symbol of peace.

The next fight could be different. effort is pretty sensitive to his family and when All For One reveals his hand behind Toya's rebirth, the current number one could definitely succumb to the demons of the past. Will Enji Todoroki be able to use this discovery to win? It's early to say: in My Hero Academia 352 we will see the new Shoto attack.

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