The revelations of the last chapters of ONE PIECEregarding the true nature of the Gom Gom Fruit, or Homo Homo Model Nika, and Luffy's achievement of the awaited Gear Fifth, shocked the entire community, and to celebrate the new form, the artists of the HM and T-Rex Studios they created statue that is nothing short of spectacular.

The many and important news about Luffy, Joy Boy and Nika immediately caught the interest and attention of the fans, many of whom created illustrations and animations, such as: B. the Cuphead-style clash between Luffy and Kaido to pay homage to the somehow unique moment ofPirate epic by Eiichiro Oda.

A little over a month after the appearance of the new form, the first figures and statues dedicated to the Gear Fifth begin to be announced, like the product presented by HM and TREX studies you will find several promotional images below. Represented with a design where white and purple stand out, with Shades of indigo and blue that add a kind of aura to the hair, Luffy looks incredibly accomplished. Also note the addition of one of the lightning bolts thrown at Kaido and the change in eye color, which is now golden.

The figure, which is around 27 centimeters high, will be available between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, but can already be pre-ordered for a total price of 135 euros.

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