Frank Miller, author of iconic works like The Dark Knight, 300 and Sin City, is in the process of founding his publishing house, serves as President and Editor-in-Chief. The publisher, called Frank Miller presentswill also be able to count on Dan Didio as editor, a position he already held for DC Comics until 2020.

"Investing in artists and the future of comics has always been my true passion"Miller says."Me, Dan and Silenn [Thomas, COO di Frank Miller Presents, ndr] We couldn't be prouder to launch Frank Miller Presents, which will serve as a breeding ground for writers and new creations. Our goal for this publisher is to build a group of artists and screenwriters to mentor, collaborate and promote, but also the art form itself.".

Frank Miller Presents will produce two to four titles per year, and among the first works announced we find new IPs but also new iterations of old Miller works. Alongside Pandora and Ancient Enemies, they were also announced Sin City 1858 (a western set in the Sin City universe) e Ronin Book Twolimited sequel to the 1983 Ronin mini-series.

Although he has been in business since the late 1970s, Miller has never stopped working in the entertainment industry: in addition to his work as a cartoonist, Miller has worked as a screenwriter and also as a director. He recently produced a live-action adaptation of his graphic novel Cursed for Netflix, although Netflix canceled the series early.

While you wait for the publishing company to kick off and stay on topic, you might be interested in finding out what Miller thinks of Zack Snyder and hints at his comics.

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