Brook is one of the newest characters in the ONE PIECE star crew. With the exception of Jinbe, who only recently officially joined the group, Brook is the one who accompanied Luffy on his treasure hunt for fewer legends but still has his own fan base. The King of the Soul is now landing in the cosplay world.

Over Halloween, cosplayer Sammys decided to give one to her fans Genderbent Cosplay, where he plays his own Brook. The bony musician of ONE PIECE is portrayed with his post-timeskip version, which is therefore richer than the previous one: there is no lack of the classic afro, which alone takes up most of the volume of the character, while the colorful clothes between blue and Orange is lying Then show the new uniform Brook has established himself as a world class star. Sammys shared three photos and even shared a video showing how to do this really nice cosplay. Has the king of the soul, or rather the queen in this case, met your taste?

ONE PIECE is a manga by Eiichiro Oda with 23 years of publication behind it. After so many legends, the manga is nearing its end and the arc he sees against Luffy and Kaido will soon end. However, there will also be Chapter 1000 here, an extraordinary event accompanied by a countdown in which Brook was the protagonist a few weeks ago.

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Soul Queen 👑 I can't believe I finally made it! The next straw hat cosplay is none other than Brook! I made a feminine version of him and gave it my own touch! I've never seen anyone put their makeup on and I thought it would be an amazing new challenge! This make-up cost me 3/4 hours. I've never done any skeletal makeup before! On the last slide you can see how I did it! ☠️🎻 Brook Cosplay by @sammyscosplay Makeup by @sammyscosplay Photographing, editing and lighting by @sammyscosplay Products used: Mehron palette by @minquecosplaywebshop Cream make-up by @grimasofficial Eyeshadow by @urbandecaycosmetics Eyeliner by @toofaced Contacts by @minquecbshop #onepiececosplay #brookcosplay #soulking #thrillerbark #laboon #monkeydluffy #luffy #strawhatpirates #strawhatcrew #strawhats #sanji #zoro #vinsmokesanji #roronoazoro #nami #nicorobin #franky #tonytonychopper #soulsouls

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