The eleventh mugiwara challenge has held its own since the start of Onigashima, more than a year ago. At first there didn't seem to be room for a duel, as Carrot on Whole Cake Island has proven to be perfect for the crew on multiple occasions, with really great integration. However Yamato won the hearts of ONE PIECE fans.

Kaido's daughter, intended to be an enemy, actually found herself to be Oden Kozuki's great lover and shared an ideal similar to Luffy's. It is also his goal to understand the journey of the ancient samurai and thus There is no better choice than to join the star crew of ONE PIECE.

From this point of view, all ONE PIECE fans online are convinced of that Yamato should join the crew. With numerous Twitter and Reddit posts exploding over the past few days, several fans have offered their rationale as to why Kaido's daughter's entry into Mugiwara is consistent. There seem to be many solid reasons between the path of its story, its development and its goal. What do you think of this entrance? Here's what Yamato might do if he doesn't join Luffy's crew.

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