In this year's 11th issue of the magazine Monthly Shonen magazine a new chapter of the light novel manga adaptation was not included Kyokou Suiri (In / Specter), responsible for Chasiba katase, due to deterioration in the author's health. The magazine noted that work will resume in the next issue on November 6th.

Kyokou Suiri

Kyo Shirodaira started publishing the light novels with illustrations by Hiro kiyohara 2011 through the publisher's label Kodansha novels, later moved to the label Kodansha Taigawhere he started the illustrations of Chasiba katase. The publisher has published a total of four volumes so far.

The literary franchise inspired a twelve-part anime adaptation produced by the studios. Brain base, Headed by Keiji gotoh and scripts written by Noboru Takagi, released in January 2020. The second season has been confirmed since November 2020, and a recent leak assured that the premiere will take place in Japan in 2022.

Summary of Kyokou Suiri

Hidden within sight, the ghosts known as youkai inhabit the world. Although most are benign, a subgroup threatens the weak peace between youkai and humanity. Ever since she agreed to become her "God of Wisdom", Kotoko Iwanaga has served as a mediator between the two kingdoms, solving all the supernatural problems that might come before her. At a local hospital, Kotoko approaches Kurou Sakuragawa, a college student whose long-term relationship ended in an unhappy breakup. Kotoko has feelings for him and suspects that there is something supernatural hidden in his harmless appearance, so she asks Kurou for his help in helping the youkai.

Two years later, news of an idol accidentally crushed to death by steel girders flooded the press. Months later, however, the sightings speak of a faceless woman swinging a steel girder. As with any supernatural problem, Kotoko and her partner tried to keep this ghost from wreaking havoc, but this case can turn out to be a lot more sinister and personal than they might think.

Source: ANN

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