L'The hero association consists of so many ranks, with the lowest having the weakest and most worthless characters, and only used in roles of very minor importance. But at the top sit One-Punch Man's S-class heroes, capable of embarking on impossible missions and defeating planet-wide monsters.

However, two of them face each other outside the gigantic fortress built by the Union of Heroes. Saitama VS Tatsumaki is a clash that keeps the scene in the last chapters of One punch man, and the new Chapter 180 released a few days ago on Tonari no Young Jump continues on this wave. This time, however, he does it with an even different attitude.

Although the two face each other seriously, they don't look around too much and thus do some damage. THE Tatsumaki's first attacks throw Saitama away, far away, causing him to narrowly avoid some cars. In another town, A-class hero Feather is involved in a fight with a criminal gang who kidnapped a woman and apparently lured him into a trap. Feather is convinced that the woman is only acting now, and it seems so, but the hero is in trouble. At this point, he tries to get up but is hit in the back by Saitama, who is thrown kilometers away from Tatsumaki. Not appreciating the gang's disruption, the two S-class heroes easily defeat everyone before resuming the fight.

In the meantime, Fubuki tries to be tough and wants to disband her group. In another town, a monster that looks like a mix between a mouse and a giant porcupine is destroying everything, and Metal Bat has been summoned to take care of it. Except that once there, the hero sees Saitama and Tatsumaki arrive in flight and destroy the monster's head by passing through it. The trail of the destruction of the two continues One Punch Man 180what will your next goal be?

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