In the panorama of survival games, it can also be inserted in a certain way kakeguru, plays in an academy where gambling is king and whoever loses has to pay well, and often not just with money. You can destroy your life in a few moments if you can't win, with the protagonists who know it very well.

The work done with the manga, which is still ongoing, has been excellent and for this reason Square Enix has mainly managed to get an animated adaptation for the series, but has also pushed for the creation of some spin-offs. And even some of them have gotten an anime, see Kakegurui Twin, which came out on Netflix this year. There is no Yumeko Jabami as the protagonist, but two other high school students, Mary Saotome and Tsuzura Hanatemari.

Climbing the hierarchies isn't easy, but their popularity has certainly increased thanks to this anime. A demonstration is the Mary and Tsuzura double cosplay created by cosplayer Kleiner Pixel, who composed the photo by combining her shots dedicated to individual girls. The two are also close in the post available below, confirming their affinity.

And let's not forget the protagonist with this cosplay of Yumeko Jabami, also by Kakegurui.

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