On November 3, 2022 Netflix has introduced a new type of subscription that allows users to enjoy all the content of the platform at a reduced price and with inserted commercial breaks. A decision that surprised NHK and initiated the suspension of the distribution of 22 titles from the platform.

According to the Japan Times, NHK would have accepted the placement of ads by Netflix for the series it holds the distribution rights to, however, as the company itself acknowledges in the agreements The new subscription from Netflix it would not have been presented as it appeared to users. In fact, the US giant would have explained the new NHK subscription in detail only shortly before the global launch.

NHK's policy prohibits licensees distributing their series overseas from advertising that could lead to misunderstanding about the endorsement of a particular product or service. Given NHK's timely intervention, Netflix has removed ads from titles questionably present on the platform, but the confrontation between the two companies continues.

Finally, we remind you that Production IG and Wit Studio have spoken about collaborating with Netflix and let you see the anime on the platform in November 2022.

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