As many of you probably know, the epic is from Naruto quickly garnered millions and millions of fans, and in just a few short years it became one of the most popular productions in the industry, first through paper production and then through a happy animated adaptation that continued to build the series' fame.

The franchise's success has never failed and has only grown between spin-offs, video games, films and much more, as evidenced by the infinite cosplay and fan art that continue to populate the web. Given the great results of the work, various companies have started to produce thematic devices that are meant to attract the attention of the most avid collectors.

Among the many, there is MH Studio, which recently came back into the limelight thanks to a magnificent statue on the theme of Naruto Shippuden, specifically dedicated to pain. As can be seen from the pictures at the bottom of the news, The work actually shows Yahiko, whose body is used as a puppet by Nagato, waiting for the fight and ready to deliver his first blow. The work is characterized by a multitude of details (side by side at a height of 58 cm) and, as stated by the company, is already available at a pre-order price of approx. 430 euros - excluding shipping costs. The publication is currently planned for the third quarter of 2021 .

Before we say goodbye, let us remind you that a strange transition between Naruto and Hello Kitty was revealed only recently.

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