The winter 2023 anime schedule brings several new features at once, including the anime series inspired by the hit video game signed by Yoko Taro, Platinum Games and Square Enix. A few hours after the debut of the adaptation, the Preview images of the first installment of NieR Automata: Ver 1.1a.

That January 7, 2023 The Crunchyroll streaming schedule will debut NieR Automata: Ver 1.1a, the anime series produced by animation studio A-1 Pictures and based on the Video game by Master Yoko Taro. The first episode entitled β€œor not to [B]e" will introduce viewers to the year 5012, a distant future where Earth is subject to an invasion by aliens from Pod 042 and their machine life-form creations.humanity is on the verge of extinction and the few survivors escaped to the moon.

To organize a counterattack and take back the planet Native human-made androids. However, the war has stalled as the machine life forms created by the aliens replicate indefinitely.

Man's last hope is the use of the android soldier unit called YoRHa. In Pictures from the first episode of the anime NieR Automata We see 2B sent to Earth for the unit's 243rd operation and teammate 9S. We leave you the latest trailer of NieR Automata: Ver 1.1a.

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