The Pokémon Company announced in early November the Zenith Regale expansion, the final set of the trading card game of pocket monsters associated with the generation of Sword and Shield. Today we finally know Zenit Regale hits newsstands on January 20, 2023: At the same time, Game Freak showed us some completely new cards from the set.

The cards released at the moment are five and they are all available in the gallery at the bottom of this news or on the Pokémon TCG official website. The first, which will surely catch the attention of fans, is Mewtwo-V ASTRO, reissue of the legendary first generation with a artwork of great value, showing that the Pokémon is determined to fight an enemy Charizard. With 280 HP and a V ASTRO Power capable of dealing 120 damage to all other small monsters, Mewtwo could prove to be one of the most powerful cards in Royal Zenith.

We then continue with the Gardenia's Might trainer cardfeaturing the Sinnoh Gym Leader alongside Pokemon like Cherubi, Cherrim, and Bellossom in a beautiful illustration full art. The card allows the user to draw two cards and attach up to two Grass Energy to Benched Pokémon to prepare them for battle on later turns.

Other nice "full" artwork is that of Thievulwho surely knows how to be appreciated for one full art played with the colors white, black and red, with a noir atmosphere reminiscent of Diabolik comic strips. The Pokémon also has the Daze Ability and the Sharp Fang attack, which deals 110 damage to an enemy.

We then move on to the more canonical ones Rotom-V ASTRO, with a whopping 250 hp and equipped with the Scrap Pulse attack, which does 80 damage to an enemy plus 40 more for each Pokémon item that is moved from the discard pile to the Lost Area.

Finally is the newest card presented by The Pokémon Company the glittering Charjabug Brightwhich corresponds to a Pokemon glittering in the trading card game. With an orange coat (rather than green like his other kind), Bright Charjabug can deal 30 damage to an enemy whether they're on the field or on the bench.

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