In the second half of the year Mirko was at the center of the events of My Hero Academia, both in terms of the anime series that has reached the airing of its sixth season, and in terms of the manga that has long since entered its final arc. So here the opera staff is celebrating in 2023 with the hare heroine.

In the second episode of My Hero Academia Season 6, Mirko had gone on the attack alone, leaving her fellow heroes to go on the trail of Dr. to go to Garaki. However, his rashness led to itHeroine number 5 of the ranking to a very fierce battle against a bunch of very strong high-end Nomu in which he lost a limb.

in the Manga series by Kohei Horikoshi, on the other hand, was involved in another big fight, the one with Shigaraki paired with Bakugo. The cover of My Hero Academia 349 gave fans one of the most incredible team ups ever, exactly that with Kacchan.

In any case, loved by the public, Mirko is the one chosen to celebrate the beginning of the year of the rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. The official Twitter account of the anime series has actually published an original illustration showing Rumi Usagiyama wearing a traditional kimono with embroidery of rabbits and moons accompanied by the message "Happy New Hero's Year". The Chinese New Year will not come until January 22, but the production of BONE Studio has decided to celebrate the anniversary in advance, also to unify it with the New Year of the Gregorian calendar.

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