Stan Lee found inspiration for the creation of Spider-Man in the early 1960s by watching a fly walking around the wall. Then he introduced himself a hero who had the power to stick to walls, and later created the name "Spider-Man", came the ability to shoot cobwebs. But what are they actually? all the powers of Spider-Man?

Throughout his long publishing history, Peter Parker has had numerous temporary superpowers, some more permanent than others, but the original Spider-Man, who debuted in 1962's Amazing Fantasy 15, enjoyed the ability to stick to surfaces, the spider senses that allow him to warn of impending danger, and before a superpower proportional to that of a spider.

In addition to super strength, Peter can also count on superhuman reflexes, increased agility, and endurance a not bad regenerating factor, although not comparable to that of Wolverine or Hulk.

Calling himself Spider-Man, according to Stan Lee, was necessary Peter Parker could throw cobwebs. After evaluating the idea of ​​a web gun, we came to the development of mechanical web launchers with Steve Ditko, made by Peter himself thanks to his developed intelligence.

Peter Parker's intelligence is often underestimated and while it doesn't represent a true superpower, Spider-Man guarantees it a well-deserved status of genius (However, it should be emphasized that the Marvel Universe enjoys the presence of geniuses whose superior intellect can actually be considered a superpower: one in particular, Reed Richards).

Although, as we said, in some cases Spider-Man has to rely on web launchers to circle the skyscrapers of New York Peter Parker gained the ability to shoot organic webs. The first time was thanks to the alien costume, which, in addition to organic cobwebs, had the ability to transform into civilian clothes at will.

A second opportunity was in the storyline "The Other" which gave Peter in addition to the organic cobwebs identical to those in the Spider-Man trilogy directed by Sam Raimithe ability to see in the dark, a power bonus, and the ability to draw spikes retractable from the wrists.

When Peter and the alien costume part ways and lead to the creation of Venom, so will the abilities acquired in "The Other": With the relaunch of Brand New Day, Peter's powers have been "restored to factory condition".

There was no shortage in Spider-Man's story Power-ups that can turn Peter Parker into a force of nature: Spider-Man was briefly possessed by the Phoenix Force, one of the greatest powers in the Marvel Universe, and even the Enigma Force, which made him, if only for a few pages, the Captain Universe, a capable being to deal with him Gods of the Marvel Universe.

And what about the other Earth-616 Spider-Man? Miles Morales can count on the same powers as Peter Parker and, although there is still no definitive answer on Miles Morales' strength compared to the other Spider-Man, the young hero from Brooklyn can count on some additional powers: Invisibility, a more evolved spider sense, and most notably the Venom Blast, the ability to discharge the bioelectricity generated by his body onto the opponent.

We remind you that an Amazing Spider Man relaunch is coming, which will restart from number 1 and will see Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. in the control room. This Amazing Spider-Man #1 is scheduled for release in April.

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