Jumping into 2022 was a major milestone for the series Jojo's bizarre adventure. Conceived by Hirohiko Araki, the work has turned 35 since it was first published in the famous Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and they wanted to take the community back to 1987, when the first Phantom Blood tankobon was also released.

In fact, a few hours ago the user Mr_Kaniowski posted on Reddit some photos of the first edition ever published by Shueisha of the first volume that started the extravagant generational history of the Joestar family. On the cover you see a young Jonathan Joestar alongside his brother-in-law Dio Brando, who will become the main antagonist of the first six parts.

Of course, there is also the stone mask, a background that has now become an icon of the work and made the ambitious and unstoppable Dio Brando become a vampire. Like most, the back has a colored stripe Tank tops released under the Jump Comics label, where the word "jojo" is repeated several times. However, what attracted the most interest from other users was the photo on the back where you can see a very young Araki, but not too different from how he looks today.

Numerous comments have actually underlined how After 35 years, the mangaka has remained practically the same, except for the haircut, and has even been accused of being a real vampire himself. Finally, we remind you that to celebrate this anniversary, a new story by Rohan Kishibe will be released and we leave you a video showing Araki's first public appearance.

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