The anime of Boruto: Naruto the next generations enters the ship's new story arc and Team 7's mission is suddenly interrupted in favor of an urgent operation. Let's see the preview of the next episode.

In the last few episodes we could a Training between Naruto and his son As a result, the Hokage realized the worth of Boruto. Subsequently, the entire Team 7 took part in a mission at the Research Institute of Advanced Technology, during which various ninja tools were tested. However, at the end of episode 183, the boys were forced to give up their job because of one Request from the leader of the leaf villagein fact it seems that contacts with KonohamaruBoruto and his companions are entrusted with the task of tracking down the shinobi.

Thanks to the preview of the next part of the story entitled "Dolls"We have the opportunity to learn new details about the development of the urgent mission. Through the video that will be posted at the end of this message, we find that Team 7 is faced with an army of puppets that is likely to be controlled by a ninja." In addition to the one shown at the end of the video, Konohamaru is shown in a cave seems to be intactunlike his friend Mugino what we observe sagged with a shoulder injury.

What do you think of this preview? Are you looking forward to the next episode? Let us know with a comment.

Finally, I remember that the titles of the new Boruto episodes were revealed.

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