We're getting more and more into the Egghead saga. Luffy and the others landed on this island, which has many surprises in store, as they confirm ONE-PIECE 1067 spoiler.

That Chapter 1067 of ONE PIECE is titled "Punk Records" and begins with a scuffle between Caesar Clown and Judge Vinsmoke, both on the Germa 66 ship in the mini-adventures dedicated to Sanji's family. He then recovers with the real Vegapunk explaining that he did it ate the fruit Nomi Nomi no Mi (Brain Brain Fruit), which allows him to retain an unlimited amount of information, but as a result his brain continues to grow. That's not why he's a genius though, he's been one since birth.

Composed of Vegapunk's own brain, the top of Egghead is called Punk Records and continues to grow. Instead, he has an antenna on his head in the shape of an apple that allows him to connect to that information while the six satellites do all the work. Then he starts explaining that the ancient robot was built 900 years ago and so on 200 years ago he climbed the Red Line to attack Mary Geoise. However, he ran out of fuel and stopped to be captured. In the same year, as Nico Robin recalls, discrimination against fish people began.

The energy source used is still mysterious and Vegapunk is researching. Meanwhile, Bonney draws his sword and tries to attack the scientist, but the lightsaber is a failed invention that only attracts insects that the pirate hates, causing her to pass out. Vegapunk has something to give Bonney as he says that meeting Luffy must be a sign of fate. Meanwhile, CP0 returns and lands in Egghead but is unable to enter the lab. In fact, Shaka blocked the doors, claiming to leave the Seraphim there while the other satellites must prepare for battle.

Suddenly in Kamabakka Kuma stands up. After tripping, he runs to an unknown location, leaving Dragon and Ivankov amazed. Next week ONE PIECE will take a break.

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