Almost 50 years have passed since the anime Lupine III was born. The legendary gentleman thief has accompanied us since the 1970s with adventures that are inspired by the comic book of the now gone Monkey Punch. Who knows if we'll finally see this true face of Lupine III.

For the uninitiated, the Lupine III, which we have seen in all cartoon series produced so far, has always worn a mask. The iconic face that we know is not the real one, always hidden and not seen by anyone, not even his closest friends. There have been many references to this reality between films, episodes, and specials, but it wasn't until the fifth series of Lupine III that there was confirmation. And not only that, because in one of the episodes Lupine finally takes off his mask.

Apparently, a similar reveal could only be left for the final episode, with the last few minutes showing a dialogue between Lupine and Fujiko. The woman wants to know what she really is for the thief who initially does not answer. However, your gesture is worth a thousand words: only for you, Lupine shows his true colors by taking off his mask and Fujiko is shocked until she approaches the thief to kiss him.

Unfortunately, the audience doesn't see Lupin's face since this stays in the shade and from behind all the time. In the meantime, you can catch up on the amazing adventures of Lupine III with the episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

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