The world has entered an era of turmoil. The domination of world government continues with a gesture of absolute greatness from Im-sama and the Five Stars of Wisdom, but in the meantime the protagonists' journey is of ONE PIECE. Luffy and the others have arrived near Egghead and some presence is finally confirmed.

Egghead is the island of Vegapunk, a winter island conquered by the creations of the brilliant scientist hired by the Navy and World Government. ONE PIECE 1061 presented it, even if it's not what everyone expected. It has to be said that the woman we saw can only be a creation of the scientist hidden somewhere else. In the meantime, however, the threat to the Mugiwaras cannot be ruled out.

ONE PIECE 1062 will be about Vegapunk and the dynamism of this island of the future, site of his laboratories and experiments. While Luffy heads to the island to explore along with Jinbe, Chopper, and Bonney, the other members of the Straw Hat crew might get captured by Vegapunk's giant robot, twists and turns aside. In fact, the scientist seems angry at the pirates and not so magnanimous.

That Chapter 1062 of ONE PIECE will be released on MangaPlus on October 10, 2022at 5 p.m.

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