Regular at the Marvel Comics offices since the late '90s, Joe Quesada has announced via his social profiles that he's taken the decision to leave the House of Ideas. The cartoonist, who previously held the role of editor-in-chief, says he intends to pursue some of his independent projects.

"When I started my comics career, my goal was to create my character, my stories and my universes." explains Quesada. "Then one day, Marvel made me an offer that changed the course of my life".

The collaboration between Quesada and Marvel began in 1998 when the cartoonist was offered the role of Daredevil's designer. Afterward, Quesada co-founded the Marvel Knights label and took on the role of editor-in-chief in 2000the highest office in Marvel's comic book department.

Quesada has held the role of chief creative officer since 2010 and was renamed executive vice president and creative director in 2019.

In the statement we report below, Quesada refers to a project for Marvel to be released throughout 2022 and explains that despite his departure from the House of Ideas offices nothing prevents him from returning to work with Marvel from time to time.

Among Quesada's most famous works, we remember the very controversial storyline of Spider-Man "Just another day", despite a rather hostile reception by fandom to the inspirations of the latest Spider-Man movie adventure (We talk about this in our in-depth analysis of the Spider-Man No Way Home ending).

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