The character popularity polls are nothing new in Japan and are often suggested in magazines. Those who buy the magazine can vote on a special postcard. This interrupted all foreign fans and readers, who, however, saw the opportunity to participate thanks to the official polls on the Internet.

Over the past few years, Shueisha has been offering more and more official character surveys to readers around the world. Among these, the one who has gained a lot of attention is certainly the one worldwide popularity survey of ONE PIECE characters. The official results were released between January and February and released a few days ago. With that, Luffy won the first popularity poll.

However, the results of the individual election regions were also published on the official ONE PIECE WT 100 website. What is the most popular ONE PIECE character in Europe?? Here are the top 10:

  1. Nami: 353,738 votes;
  2. Zoro: 208,814 votes;
  3. Nico Robin: 179,688 votes;
  4. Monkey D. Luffy: 170,790 votes;
  5. Trafalgar Law: 124,428 votes;
  6. Carrot: 89,280 votes;
  7. Sanji: 77,242 votes;
  8. Boa Hancock: 69,164 votes;
  9. Sabo: 37,586 votes;
  10. Yamato: 35,392 votes.

Nami took first place in Europe, fundamental votes for his achievement of third place worldwide. Instead, the protagonist gives up Luffy from the podium. Carrots had a lot of praise in Europe, as did Yamato. Do you agree with the results and who did you vote for?

Chainsaw Man also received a worldwide popularity poll.

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