One of the main pre-requisites for the Captain America miniseries was the introduction of new characters, each of whom would bear the burden of wearing the distinctive costume of one of Marvel's most famous superheroes just to help them out. In fact, we will soon see the debut of Joe Gomez, the cap of the Kickapoo tribe.

Written by Darcie little badgerThe story of Joe Gomez, who formerly belonged to the Lipan Apache people and was drawn by David Cutler of the First Nation Mi'kmaq Qalipu, will appear in the third volume of the miniseries in August. During a recent interview the artist Cutler commented: “I can't express all the pride in being part of the team Joe will introduce to the world. The Marvel Universe is the greatest stage, and attracting a new First Nations hero is worth more than it can express . "

"One thing I love about Joe is his job during the day. He represents everything he believes in as a hero. Joe Gomez is a bricklayer, a builder in a world full of destruction. Whenever a spaceship crumbles or a super villain turns an entire city into rubble, people like Joe create everything anew. " With these words, the screenwriter Little Badger wanted to present the character, then focus on the kindness and on Values ​​that characterize many Indian population groups today again.

At the bottom of the news you can find Joe e's design the cover of the third volumewhere Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson will come into contact with the Kickapoo tribe and their hat and will continue their search for the lost shield. Remember, the new Marvel series introduced the first LGBTQ + captain, and we'll leave you the story of the first super soldier in the Marvel universe.

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