Published on the occasion of Goku Day, d. H. May 9th, the third episode of the space-time war arc of Super Dragon Ball Heroes continues to raise the bar and takes combat to a new level. In the parallel universe created by Fu, Vegeta's anger and Saiyan pride explode.

The 35th episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes starts with one Vegeta in big trouble, suppressed by the blows of Cumber and Turles. However, the two antagonists discussing who is the most powerful Saiyan among the three begin to compete against each other.

While Vegeta is downstairs, Goku and Hearts arrive at the battle site via instant broadcast. However, it is accompanied by the mysterious masked Saiyanwho turns out to be none other than black.

Turles briefly frees himself from Cumber and returns to Vegeta's attack to strike him with his evil Saiyan aura. For the two enemies, the Saiyans are a race driven by hatred and evil, but Vegeta, driven by memories of Goku's goodness, can use the negative energy transmitted by Turles to his advantage. Saiyans are there Warrior racing par excellenceThey are not driven by kindness or hatred, just a desire to fight and improve.

Thanks to his new transformation, Vegeta manages to free himself from Turles and Cumber with a few hits. However, it appears to be Goku to have had the worst in the fight with black. Will the prince be able to save his eternal rival?

Super Dragon Ball Heroes will be renewed in 2022, a new saga for the advertising anime is coming.

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