To get the ship back, the Kara organization began their attack on the leaf village. However, Kawaki is under the close surveillance of the Seventh Hokage and is ready to defend Konoha and her "adopted godson". The dances open in Boruto: Naruto the next generations.

Delta is fed up with waiting for news from Kashin Koji who infiltrated the village Konoha's security bypassed with jet missiles hidden in the sole of his boots. Meanwhile, a drone emerging from his back had spotted Kawaki training with Boruto under the watchful eye of the Hokage.

During episode 198 of Boruto, the Battle for Kawaki has officially started. Naruto stands up to defend his boys and challenges Kara's intern, who, however, is hiding many others in addition to the scientific ninja tools mentioned above. In fact, his whole body is a ninja science instrument.

Like a cyborg, Delta can dramatically stretch both the upper and lower limbs. The greatest danger, however, lies in his eyes. In addition to sharing vision with the drone, Delta's eyes can absorb and restart jutsu, as well as fire destructive rays. Naruto is in big trouble, but the fight isn't over and Delta might have other aces in the hole show to the public.

Who will come out winner from that fatal collision? Here's the challenge of the seventh Hokage in the Boruto 198 preview. In the meantime, let's see what's going to happen over the course of the next episode. Naruto's exciting duel continues in the Boruto episode 199 preview.

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