Marvel Comics has delivered the first details too X-Men: The Trial of Magneto, the new miniseries that will continue the events of the Hellfire Gala. Under the guidance of author Leah Williams and illustrator Lucas Werneck, this work will prompt Magneto to organize a murder trial, an assassination attempt that will balance the mutants' future.

The five volumes of X-Men: The Trial of Magneto are published The genre of mutants is putting a tough test on it and Krakoa, potentially damaging the relationship between the X-Men and the other heroes of the Marvel Universe.

"When did Magneto ever let the bureaucracy come to its own devices? Is that right? On the island of Krakoa, a safe haven and home for the mutants, Magneto's greatest wish was granted. But after the hellfire, when Gala discovered that you Paradise can still be full of lies the magneto process begins"reads the Summary of the series.

The cover of the first volume of The Trial of Magneto, which will be released in the USA on August 18this made by Valerio Schiti. However, the cover doesn't show who the killer is, let alone the victim. Here is the announcement of The Trial of Magneto from Marvel Comics. Let's discover the new mutant team in X-Men Reign of X, a series that will come out at the same time as Williams and Werneck's.

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