The commercial anime Super Dragon Ball Heroes has entered a new story arc that brings Goku and Vegeta to face some formidable opponents. The biography of two of them posted on Twitter reveals more information about the space-time war arc and the dark parallel universe of Fu.

In the new episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Vegeta's anger exploded and under the pressure of his opponents he unlocked a new impressive transformation, even better than Super Saiyan Blue.

Driven by the desire to prove yourself the strongest of their kindTo attack Vegeta, two other Saiyans, namely Turles and Cumber, were both under the influence of the evil Saiyan. But why are the two antagonists in the parallel universe? Their motives were revealed in character biographies shared by user DBS Chronicles on Twitter.

""An evil Saiyan who fought against Goku and Vegeta on the prison planet. Control the evil aura that turns anyone who touches him into berserk. He attacked the universe with Hearts, but was defeated by Coola. He was then captured by Fu and sent to the parallel universe. ", reads Cumber's biography.

There Turles Bioinstead it says: "A Saiyan who once attacked Earth and fought with Goku and the others. He supports Fu in his plan because he wants to become the king of the Saiyajins of the parallel universe. In an effort to become more powerful, he continued to eat the fruits of the tree of life, which led him to transform into the legendary Evel Saiyan. "

A new Super Dragon Ball Heroes saga will be released in 2022, here are all the details.

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