The cross between DC Comics and Epic Games was born Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point, Comic series that immersed the Caped Crusader in the island where the action of the popular Battle Royale takes place. Just like in the video game, the bat man also used his materials to build a certain structure.

Batman suddenly finds himself on Fortnite Island and has to live with him an endless cycle of struggles fatal and reset able to kill him. To remember what happened to him and to escape that endless loop, the Dark Knight builds a batcave to uncover the secrets of the place and its sudden connection to the DC Universe.

After numerous cycles of battle and "death", Batman is now visibly frustrated and exhausted. With every reset he gets dirtier, his batsuit is completely worn out and he has a thick beard, indicating his long stay on the island. In order not to lose the information recovered in the different cycles, the bat man decides to find materials and build an outpost, just like in the video game.

This new Batcave is tight, made of wood and devoid of the Wayne Enterprises hi-tech different than we are used to. Even so, the basics of operations are important to restore memory and be able to return home.

Meanwhile, the Batman / Fortnite artist has revealed details of the Dark Knight and Catowman's new costumes. Batman / Fortnite numbers 2 and 3 pre-orders come with a code that will give you a pickaxe and dragon as a gift.

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