Since it became known of his imminent return, the Pokémon exploration I was just waiting to see Iris, Ash's former travel companion who followed him on the Unova adventure. But now that that moment has finally come, we discover the verdict of a fight with nostalgic taste.

In episode 65 of Pokémon Exploration, Iris invites Ash to the Unova region so that the two can compete against each other to advance to the next stages of the Pokémon World Cup. The iconic protagonist in the red cap immediately accepts the proposal, but when he meets his old friend, he makes a shocking discovery: Iris is now the one Champion of Unova.

Since the two ended up parting ways with Pokémon Black and White, the trainer seems to have made it Steps. Not only did she manage to put together a dream team and become the best Dragon-type Pokémon, but she also won the coveted title of her region. But Ash has some surprises in store for her too.

The official clash between the two friends begins with the battle between Dragonite, who is used by Ash, and Dracovish, who is used by Iris. Despite challenging each other, Iris suggests rival Dragonite to have fun and love Pokémon battles;; This statement gives Ash and Dragonite the knowledge that they will win the first round.

Later, as you can see at the end of the article from an excerpt from the episode posted on Twitter, Iris Haxorus sets in. The Challenge winnerFor 2-1, however, it is Ash who enters the Ultra class this way, in hopes of entering the top 8 of the master class.

Despite the victory, Ash was paralyzed at the sight of Iris' team. Here it becomes a Pokémon meme. Team Rocket at the center of a controversy. Let's find out what's going on in Pokémon Explorations 66.

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