The popularity of Shingeki no Kyojin ((attack on Titan) has grown exponentially every year, which has also resulted in its wares spreading to all corners of the world. Although it is obvious that not all countries have the same censorship laws. In 2018, a Malaysian fan who wasn’t very interested in the series saw a Shingeki no Kyojin jury and decided to snap a picture.. She later forgot about the picture, but recently her interest in the show regained and she eventually shared the photo.

The user u / flamingthunderbanana shared this panel of the manga on Reddit with the comment: «I want everyone to know that in the Malay version, Malaysians wear tight pants due to local censorship law»

The user also stated that law enforcement opposed to nudity is counterproductive as the redesign puts too much emphasis on the titans’ bums. One person asked what the Titan Annie censorship was like and she replied that they also placed a bra. That’s right, and if you’re wondering about how he looks, he also managed to share a photo showing his design.


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