The last episode of The attack of the giants 4 showed the retreat of the reconnaissance army after the battle in the Liberian camp. Later, the opportunity arose to observe the relationships between its members and the protagonist, who apparently has taken on the role of the villain.

After Willy Tybur declared war and the Attack giantThe residents of the island of Paradis dealt a severe blow to the nation of Marley and succeeded Escape into an airship. It was in this place that the protagonists of Attack of the Giants 4 suffered a grave loss that broke the hearts of many fans, but it was also the place where it was possible to better understand the feelings of the characters in relation to the decisions made by Eren.

On this occasion, we discovered a new side of character that seems to have one Character more like that of an antagonist. All of his comrades seem to disagree about his actions, Levi in ​​particular punishes the boy and later arrests him.

To further emphasize the resemblance of the holder of the giant's power to a villain, are the Answers coldly given to their allies who do not fully understand why he acted independently, which resulted in the sacrifice of numerous comrades.

Probably in the future Eren and the reasons for his gesture will be explored further. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

Finally, I will report on the reactions of fans to the shocking loss in The Attack of the Giants 4.

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