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Chapter 3: "Call of the Dead"

Dr. Stone Premiere of his new episode with Taiju and Yuzuriha. They are aware that someone moved the earth in Senku's tomb, so they manage to get the phone and contact him. Nikki watches her hard and cold and wonders why Taiju is crying. In the meantime, Senku shares half of the plan with them and asks them to join in and get someone from Tsukasa's army. For obvious reasons, they choose Nikki, who reacts with aggressiveness and resentment. However, Taiju manages to convince her to listen to the phone. On the other hand, Gen and Senku try to outsmart her, but she is a fan of Lilian Weinberg and discovers her. However, the song knows it's hers and the last one left, so she agrees to band together to protect the diva's legacy.

In the open field, Chrome and Magma manage to mislead the enemy with a small fire. This gives Gen the benefit, who arrives just in time to mimic Lilian Weinberg on the phone.

Analysis: Reunion II

Dr. Stone Premiere of his third show with the emotional telephone meeting of three friends. Recall that last season the ties between Taiju, Senku and Yuzuriha were established and that the pillar of their thousand-year friendship over the differences is literally based on the enormous trust that the three of them profess. On the other hand, the central theme of this episode is without a doubt reunification.

The chapter is not only the reunion of the main characters of the first stage, but also the spiritual reunion of Nikki Hanada with himself through the song by Lilian Weinberg. Nikki's feelings emerge from behind the shell of his hard skin and muscular body. Her tears are real and she needs no deception, the old world and the love for the last remaining song of his are enough for her.

A diva's footprint

© i ス タ ジ オ i Boichi ・ ST ST ST ST Dr.STONE 製作 委員会

In short, Lilian Weinberg is shaking the foundations of the new world again, some 3,700 years after her death. There's a scene from The Astronauts Arch in which the young singer collapses at the idea that people have lost so many centuries of music and authors. However, Byakuya's answer is an accurate prediction since his song travels into the future and has the power to change the course of events.

The diva is able to move and transform will, even if the ashes of her remains do not remain. It is the strength of leadership and a gift, this wonderful ability of today's artists to move the masses. With this in mind, we are saving Byakuya's ability to help his son, despite the millennia that lie between them. Undoubtedly, Senku's father understood that the conquests of civilization first come through the heart.

Tears and heartfelt emotions

Without expecting more than what the anime trailers did, Dr. Stone Surprises and a cast of new, very charismatic characters in the usual story await us. Nikki is an extraordinary character; He balances his enormous strength with a strong and defined personality. After all, she has great emotional maturity and a very feminine sensitivity. Boichi's achievement with Nikki is to have overcome the stereotype of the strong woman and to draw external and internal beauty into a figure that is only hers.


Dr. Stone It shows us once again that civilization and its advances are also conquering by heart. The Kingdom of Science accepts the achievements of a humble and powerful inheritance, as Byakuya was a true visionary and a diva's song destroys the will, deepens and touches man's noblest motives to love the achievements of the past.


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