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Chapter 10: "Mankind's Strongest Duo"

Dr. Stone Come back another week. After an intensive search, they find Mirai, Tsukasa's sister, and wake her from the stone dream. Thanks to the regenerative power of this state, the little girl is also awakening from the brain death in which she has been trapped for years. However, Hyoga is preparing a plan in the shadows with Homura that will be freed from you. At his command, the young woman destroys the "wondrous" cave with dynamite. Meanwhile, Hyoga uses the Mirai River to defeat Tsukasa, whom he pierces with his spear. Senku holds out his hand to him, but Hyoga squeezes them both and they fall into the river. The latter starts with them and they reach a bank where he presents his plan to Senku: to dominate the world and choose the strongest and strongest. To do this, he wants to rely on Senku's science, be it under covenant or torture.

Then Tsukasa gathers his meager strength and teams up with our protagonist. Together they try to fight disadvantaged. It seems that Hyoga will win, but Senku remodeled the remains of the cell phone he wears on his chest and tased it onto his finger. While one holds a Hyogas spear, the other delivers a shock that knocks him out.

Analysis: alliances and repayment

© i ス タ ジ オ i Boichi ・ ST ST ST ST Dr.STONE 製作 委員会

Dr. Stone It shows us once again that science does not discard achievements, but uses and constantly recycles them in order to move forward. So, the most popular scientist of the last anime reuses the remains of the cell phone and turns it into a weapon. The fact that Senku hides a taser in his own body tells us that he has learned to be self-aware, that he will ensure his own safety. This character's self-confidence probably grows with his social environment. Senku is an extremely sociable being who sees the meaning of his existence in an environment where everyone plays a role. In other words, the more people depend on him, the more he will cherish his life. It is also important to note that Senku does not consider himself a martyr, values ​​his existence, and never endangered her unless it was strictly necessary.

The central theme of the chapter is now the redemption of Tsukasa and the contrast of future and ideas with Hyoga. Indeed, Mirai's healing is Tsukasa's spiritual healing, which is tied back to the world and needs someone to protect. He's vulnerable, yes, but that's how he regains his humanity. In fact, the little one emerges from the stone with flashes of light to emphasize this idea. However, Tsukasa bears the shadow of his sins, his assassinations. A skillful resource in the stories to save these characters and get them back on track is salvation. In this way the character sacrifices himself in the face of a greater evil (Hyoga), reflects, regrets his wrongdoings and protects his former enemies.

Another crucial point of the episode is the alliance between Senku and Tsukasa. We must note that both characters deeply admire each other and struggle together to fulfill a twisted desire that both longed for from the start. The last scene is revealing: exhausted and injured, they look at the sky and clap their hands with what little strength they have left. This gesture of friendship and rapport with Tsukasa on the verge of death is a resounding confirmation of how much they longed for an alliance on which the wall of opposing ideals hung.

Hyoga and Tsukasa, archenemy

© i ス タ ジ オ i Boichi ・ ST ST ST ST Dr.STONE 製作 委員会

Starting from the same key idea, Hyoga and Tsukasa Nemesis are in Dr. Stone. They are the white and black swans of the same hypothesis, and that's why it's so interesting to contrast them. Of course, Hyoga is not without logic - and Senku himself admits - in refuting Tsukasa's naive notion of the natural goodness of young people. However, the answer our protagonist immediately argues is more than enough to clear the question of what to do with the millions of petrified people.

The fact that Hyoga is the worst version of Tsukasa's ideals helps him not to direct all of the antagonism on him. As we explained before, this makes it easier for the viewer to switch and accept Tsukasa in the science group. On the other hand, Senku's opposition to two possible alliances reinforces the idea that science is a neutral weapon that can be combined with benevolent forces (Tsukasa) or evil forces (Hyoga). Again, the decision rests with the human being.


Hyoga breaks the peaceful conspiracy and pierces with his spear, shedding blood. In this edition Dr. Stone He achieves the long-awaited union of forces between Tsukasa and Senku in the face of an enemy with evil and cruel ideas about natural selection and the destructive power of science. With a fatal wound, Tsukasa's humanized eyes rest under the cloak of night and its stars. Will you die? Please avoid spoiler to those who do not follow the manga.


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