The saga, dedicated to the joint training of Sections A and B of Yuei High School, continues into the fifth season of My hero academiaand after two intense fights that have restored the original balance, the seventh episode begins the third round, as shown by the new promotional images released.

In the episode in question entitled "The Battle of the Third Round" Shoto Todoroki, Tensei Ida, Mezo Shoji, and Mashirao Ojiro have all been named as Class 1-A representatives, and it looks like they're facing extremely tough opponents. The first confrontation was won by the protagonists, mostly thanksInfluence of Shinso and his brainwashing quirksWhile Section B won the last episode thanks to Shemage's brilliant and dangerous idea that Tokoyami neutralized by growing mushrooms on his lungs.

From the pictures shared by @ Atsushi101X, which can be found below, it can be seen that there will be one Hand-to-hand collision prevalence Instead of elaborate strategies as seen so far and to pose the greatest threat to Shoto and the rest of the world, it will surely be Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu or Real Steel.

Recall that Hawks came to life in Ovsyan's faithful cosplay and we leave you to rank the 5 Grade 1-B students who would deserve a place in Section A.

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