Considered one of Shueisha's original Big Three alongside ONE PIECE and Bleach, Naruto celebrates a major milestone in 2022. The anime series produced by Studio Pierrot is based on the work of Masashi Kishimoto which tells the young man's story Naruto Uzumaki from Leaf Village blows out twenty candles.

Among the various projects related to this important anniversary, among which we remember the beautiful ROAD OF NARUTO trailer, Japan is holding one these days that all eyes of the community are focused on. This is the NARUTO THE GALLERY themed exhibit celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Animeof which the first images are arriving on the net for fans outside the ocean.

At the UDX office in Akihabara, visitors to NARUTO THE GALLERY can see special illustrations, some of which are also signed by Sensei Kishimoto, and more unpublished promotional material.

Through a video kindly provided by Oricon, it is possible to admire the wonderful glimpses of the exhibition, such as: Scale reproduction of the Leaf Village, some news dedicated to the work, the corner dedicated to the collaboration with que that puts the spotlight on Zabuza's arc and the artworks it contains. And would you like to visit this special exhibition dedicated to the ninja world of Naruto?

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