The Ohara massacre, perpetrated by the world government and navy a few years before ONE PIECE started, produced many results, but the knowledge that was hidden on the island certainly did not stop it. Nico Robin, the sole survivor, is now with the Straw Hat Pirates' crew helping them reach the final island.

However, his life remains an important goal for the whole world of ONE PIECE. The world government initially handcuffed her thanks to the intervention of the CP9, but the goal failed thanks to the intervention of Luffy and the others. Despite the constant dangers, Nico Robin managed to continue her journey and to raise awareness of important information about what has not been told for centuries.

In Onigashima, however, are the awakened wants to get his hands on Nico Robin. First it was Kaido and Big Mom who ordered their pirates to kidnap Nico Robin to take advantage of his poneglyph deciphering skills, now the return of Rob Lucci and the new orders from CP0 confirm that the world government has not let go yet. So all government soldiers in the area received the order Catch Nico Robin at all costs, preparing the ground for a new challenge between the Mugiwara and the world government.

However, Nico Robin is not weak considering that he recently ended his fight with Black Maria and therefore it will be difficult to be able to kidnap her.

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