Black Lagoon is a manga by Rei Hiroe that was created a few decades ago. Unfortunately, his depression over the past few years has not allowed him to be very consistent in the production of his comic, which has resulted in readers slowly moving away from it Adventure of the mercenaries Rock, Revy, Dutch and Benny and everyone else involved in this story

However, the work remains very popular with the public years later, thanks in particular to the two-seasons anime and various OAVs that made the character of Revy very popular. Cynical and violent, she is one of the most important members of the Lagoon Company, for whom she carries out numerous assignments as a mercenary. Despite the lived life, it is still very fascinating and that is why they exist on the net many cosplays about the protagonist of Black Lagoon.

Revy was recently played by Anya Kimochi, who brought the character back, but this is certainly not the only cosplayer suggested by the wife of the Rei Hiroe manga. Cosplayer Muatori uploaded a Revy cosplay from Black Lagoon that follows both the beauty and danger of the protagonist, ready to shoot with your gun to reach your target.

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