The fifth season of Hirohiko Araki's opera, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures: Golden Wind it was undoubtedly very successful, especially for the extravagance of the main characters, including the protagonist, Giovanna Day, which a fan wanted to represent following a different style, that of Zelda Wind Waker

The user @PeachieIchor shared the drawing on the bottom of the page on Reddit. Taking up the cel-shading style seen in first Zelda to be released for Nintendo's GameCube console, the fan perfectly recreated the character of Giorno, naturally making it simpler and less detailed than the original.

In addition to the word "wind" that appears in the titles of both works, we can see an element in common between Jojo and Zelda. These immense series adopt a generational perspective, if on the one hand we see the passing of the baton from one Joestar to the other, in each new title of Zelda we are transported in alternative dimensions, where we find, however, the characters of Link, Zelda and Ganondorf.

Of course the two works remain profoundly different, both in terms of the topics covered and in the way they are treated, but it is still interesting to see Giovanna day in chibi version, which incorporates the style of one of the most popular Zelda games ever. Waiting for some news regarding the sixth season of Jojo, we leave you to our review of Vento Aureo.

And what do you think of this nice gift? Would you like to see Jojo's characters in other styles? Let us know with a comment.

[Fanart] I drew Day in the Wind Waker style! from r / StardustCrusaders

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