The fight between the Kara organization and the Blattdorf has finally become the core of the action. While Kawaki and Boruto Delta tried to uncover the secrets of the Karma Seal and threw herself behind the walls of Konoha to try to regain the ship. However, the Seventh Hokage tries to stop him at all costs.

As we all know, Naruto is a man of his word. The Hokage promised Kawaki that it would be took care of himand with Delta's threatening arrival, he has held on to his claims. The seventh, who rises before him, Boruto and Himawari, has become the protagonist of one of the most surprising and exciting battles he has ever participated in.

Episode 198 of Boruto ended with Kawaki he had lost my arm trying to defend Naruto and the cute Himawari. Hokage, blind with anger, no longer intends to play with Delta.

We saw earlier that Kara's intern was able to do this absorb any kind of jutsu through the ninja science tools hidden in his body. Knowing this, Naruto employed an unexpected tactic, to say the least.

To prevent Delta from resuming his jutsu, the Seventh Hokage experimented with a new art, the Supermassive Rasengan, a version of Rasengan with absurd dimensions and a continuous chakra cycle.

Assumption that Delta's instruments could not continuously absorb such a thing large amount of chakraNaruto has therefore used up all of his reserves and dealt a devastating blow to the antagonist. How about, will we ever see the Supermassive Rasengan again? Here is the preview of episode 200 of Boruto.

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