The trio of protagonists who compose Spy x family made its way to the audience. WIT Studio and Cloverworks put together an excellent adaptation of Tatsuya Endo's manga and managed to make the three main characters equally charismatic. The focus, of course, is Anya, but the other two should not be forgotten.

In addition to the psychic child who plays the role of the daughter of this trio, there is also the father Loid Forger and the mother, Yor. She was the latest arrival to be involved in Loid's strategy to create what appears to be a happy family. Apparently, the woman also has her goal and for this reason the Forger family serves as a front for her to pose as many others as a normal woman and not as a ruthless killer.

Indeed, Spy x Family surprised everyone with it Yor's true identity, the Princess of Thorns, one of the best on the court, capable of mercilessly killing any target or anyone who stands in her way. With unusual strength, he scares everyone, even in a normal capacity. But when she takes on the role of the assassin, things spiral out of control. And the German cosplayer Lis tries one Cosplay of your assassin in black suit from Spy x Family. In profile, this version of the woman is standing somewhere with her sharp needles already drawn and ready to be used to take a life.

Have you seen Spy x Family yet? Here's a cosplay of Anya that went viral.

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