The Society of Heroes My hero academy faces its greatest crisis. In the anime adaptation's sixth season, the heroes faced off against a full-blown war against the Paranormal Liberation Front. The most imposing threat is that of Tomura Shigaraki: how strong is he currently?

Accompanied by some of the best pro heroes, Endeavor has launched into the worldAttack on Jaku Hospital, place where Dr. Garaki performed horrific experiments on Shigaraki's body according to information from Hawks. Therefore, Number One's goal was to prevent the mad scientist from succeeding Transfer the Quirk: All For One to Tomura.

Teamwork between Mirko, Eraserhead, Crust, Present Mic and others seemed to have accomplished the mission. Unfortunately, the process was aborted at around 70% Tomura Shigaraki still managed to come back to life. In My Hero Academia 6x05, the villain's awakening causes death and destruction across hundreds of kilometers. In a single instant, everything around him was pulverized by the spread of decay. The boy is now a war machine.

In addition to the development of decay, Shigaraki has come into possession of other extraordinary powers. In fact, thanks to self-regeneration, he managed to survive the burning flames of Endeavor and find the place where Deku was Quirk Search of the former heroine Ragdoll. But how strong is Tomura Shigaraki currently?

Shigaraki he has not yet fully mastered his skills, since he has only been awake for a few minutes. However, he has already reached a very high level, higher than that of almost all heroes on the battlefield, and Crust's death in My Hero Academia 6x06 is a confirmation of this.

Currently, not even Endeavor would be able to survive a direct head-on collision, and indeed Number One fights alongside numerous heroes, including Eraserhead, who picks up Shigaraki's quirks. L'The only one who seems to match Tomura's level is Dekuwhich hasn't yet unleashed the full potential of One For All, so currently none of the My Hero Academia heroes can survive in a one-on-one battle with Shigaraki.

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