If we just experienced the Asgard saga in the Knights of the Zodiac anime series, the manga written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada continues the events of the twelve houses with the Poseidon legend. A new threat rises from the depths of the abyss.

Neptune kidnapped Saori, who takes her to his palace in the depths of the ocean. The goal of the sea god is to expand his dominion over the whole world. Meanwhile, Seiya and Andromeda find the entrance to the Sea Kingdom and plunge headfirst into it.

To save the goddess Athena trapped in the Neptune Column, the Bronze Horsemen must first destroy the pillars of the seven seas, each protected by one of the seven generals of the abyss dedicated to Neptune. The first fight takes place between Pegasus and the carrying generalSeahorse armor made of golden scales. Despite defeating his opponent, Pegasus fails to dent the North Pacific column. To his rescue comes the golden armor of Libra, whose weapons are distributed to each bronze horseman.

The second fight is that between Andromeda and Kira, with Athena's knight bringing down one of the two-armed pillars of the scales. Meanwhile, Shiryu arrives in the Indian Ocean with the column she is leading Chrysaor. The dragon will achieve incredible victory thanks to the Excalibur, which he received as a gift from the Golden Knight of Capricorn.

Subsequently, Shun meets the General of the Abyss Warden of the Southern Ocean Column, lemurs, who has already defeated Seiya and Hyoga. Ikki comes to help his brother, who knocks down the aforementioned pillar and goes straight to Neptune's.

As Crystal regains her senses, she moves towards the Arctic Ocean column, which she is chairing Abadir, his old friend with whom he spent his training under the Ice Master's tutelage. On the brink of defeat, Abadir reveals that Neptune is ruled by an evil entity.

On the way to Neptune, Ikki meets the sea dragon, who turns out to be the twin brother of the Golden Knight of Gemini. canonbanishing the phoenix to the golden triangle. Andromeda meets instead siryapreviously confronted by Orion of Asgard.

Meanwhile, Pegasus gets into Neptune's palace, but his armor is destroyed by the blows Julian Kedives. The Archer's armor comes to Seiya's aid, which he uses to unleash a dregs that hits the enemy.

Ikki manages to return alive from the Golden Triangle, discovering the truth about Kanon's story and destroying the final pillar. Finally all united, the five Bronze Horsemen join forces Also tear down the Neptune Column and save Athena.

Nevertheless, Neptune does not want to give up his plans of conquest and confronts Athena himself. However, Isabel manages to triumph and imprison the soul of the enemy god. Earth is safe again. L'Bow of Poseidon from Knights of the Zodiac it is narrated in episodes of the anime from 100 to 114 and in chapters of the manga series from 47 to 67. We remind you that a Saint Seiya spin-off on Poseidon is on the way.

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