After Delta's attack, defeated by the Seventh Hokage himself, it appears that the Kara organization is about to get back into action. In fact, Sai appears to have interpreted the data found by Konohamaru in the airship with the ship and found worrying information about the criminal group. Here is the summary ofBoruto episode 202.

After the struggle with Kara's insides, Naruto had to take care of Kawaki's training, which as a sign of respect and trust towards the Hokage, decided to do the Basics of chakra and ninja art. The relationship between the two became even stronger when the boy met Kurama, who told him about the troubled past that the hero of Konoha had to go through.

However, this apparent calm is about to be released. Sai Yamanaka finally managed to find out some information about the Kara. Titled "A Religious Organization" and aired on Crunchyroll on June 6th, here it is Table of contents for episode 202 of the anime published by Animedia Magazine.

""ANBU's director, Sai, is concerned about some information gleaned from the data reported by Konohamaru. So Sai asks Sasuke to take care of it and immediately go to the airship crash site with his spacetime ninjutsu. Someone is now using incredible powers. In front of everyone's eyes, a seriously ill person was rescued by one of Kara's Interiors, Boro. Boro claims that he can make everyone happy by gathering everyone around him.

What will Sasuke discover and what is Boros' real goal? Meanwhile, Konohamaru is on a special mission in Boruto. Let's find out the results of the latest popularity poll. Here is Boruto's most popular character.

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