Years after the completion of the first anime, the humanoid Typhoon returns with a new project. But Trigun Stampede is already arguing for the way it was proposed. In fact, the animation style isn't the classic one, though this is the 3DCG which is becoming increasingly popular in productions.

When mangaka Yasuhiro Nightow talks about the project, fans wonder why Trigun Stampede was made in 3DCG. Two leaders of the project ponder the answer.

Producer Katsuhiro Takei has given us a first answer. Manga and anime are seen as "masterpiece" experiences, so they wanted to try something different. As the manufacturer reveals, it was thought of Use the 3DCG to distinguish the new design from the original customizationand so he shared this idea with Studio Orange because he knew they could successfully implement it.

Joining Takei's words are those of Studio Orange director Kenji Muto. The will of Trigun Stampede is not to replicate the original manga or anime: "Rather than simply copying the original manga, which began 27 years ago, they wanted to define the meaning of creating this work today as a work of entertainment."

Trigun Stampede was therefore conceived from the start to convey a more modern idea, as can also be seen in the changes to Vash's design.

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